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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin(BTC) is a fully decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins is not controlled by any people or organizations, no one can forge or "print" coins. Bitcoin appeared in 2009 and since that time it's widely used for payments by Internet for goods and services, trade, and even for payrolls.Bitcoin is also supported by progressive online casinos, including Adamas Casino. Bitcoin casino users can play anonymously from any place in the world, they can quickly and easy topup their BTC-accounts and withdrow funds without an involvement of third-party payment systems. Other advantages of Bitcoin are:

Reliability and Transparency

All Bitcoin transactions information is available in public. Coins transfer between two parties happens without any third partie involvment. Nobody can freeze or block user funds at his Bitcoin wallet. All these factors make Bitcoin a reliable payment tool, because the absence of intermediaries and transparency of operations significantly reduce the probability of stealing money or fraud.


To become a Bitcoin user and make payments in BTC you don't need to input your personal data to the system. Only Bitcoin address is used for making transactions on the Bitcoin network and many services supported payments in Bitcoins. This address is not related with user personality and his private data. If you don't like to input your personal data for Internet payments you can use Bitcoin.

Minimal fees

Payments and transfers inside Bitcoin network are absolutely free. Платежи и переводы в сети Биткоин абсолютно бесплатны. If you wish you can add a small transaction fee for a faster transaction processing, but even in this case the fee would immeasurably small in compare with the commissions of traditional payment systems.

Easy usage

It's very easy to use Bitcoin. You don't need to pass difficult registration and verification procedures, you even don't need to visit a Bank to open an account. It's quite enough to download Bitcoin wallet(or use one of cloud wallets) and buy Bitcoins on any cryptocurrency exchange.